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Sunglass spy cameras were previously relegated to actual spies and weirdos that subscribed to those spy equipment magazines, but ThinkGeek has discount oakley sunglasses brought such covert voyeurism to the average man with $99 and change. The camera's triggered wirelessly via remote, which is very discreet, but has a fat camera on either side of the lenses, which isn't. Luckily for you the 1GB storage and MP3 earbud playback gives you a reasonable excuse as to why you're wearing such thick sunglasses in the Gold's Gym replica oakley sunglasses women's locker room.

We are always looking for the best ways to oakley sunglasses discount improve our rigorous physical workout routines, and the Informance smart sunglasses look like a worthy asset to our arsenal of workout gear. The instrument is intended for use by professional athletes, and will allow them to view vital statistics in their peripheral vision using a projected image on one of the lenses.