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Rob Manfred cheap mlb jerseys paypal has been commissioner of Major League Baseball for all of a day and he already has the Internet up in arms over one of his suggestions. The heir to Bud Selig's throne wants to eliminate the widespread use of the cheap mlb jerseys china defensive shift.

Though I aim to defend Manfred here, let me say right now that banning the use of the cheap mlb jerseys from china shift is a terrible idea for many reasons. Just as a matter of principle, limiting the ways in which a defense may stop an offense takes away the creativity and spontaneity that makes the sport great. Imagine if an NFL defense could only use a 3-4 defense. Scoring cheap mlb jerseys free shippping would rise, but many games would start to look the same and they would be less interesting as a result. Second, the shift overall has a tiny effect on league-wide BABIP and scoring, as John Dewan illustrated here. Third, the implementation of a shift ban would be difficult to strictly enforce, not unlike the strike zone. Fourth, more scoring increases the length of games, so banning the shift would not make games any quicker ?and we know MLB is interested in shortening game times based on some of their latest ideas, such as the cheap authentic mlb jerseys pitch clock.

As the commissioner of baseball, Manfred is tasked with not only keeping the sport as successful as it is, but making it bigger and better. Maury Brown of Forbes reported in December that Major League Baseball cheap mlb replica jerseys saw approximately $9 billion in revenues in 2014 ?a record. $9 billion is certainly a lot of money, but as an organization that employs thousands and is responsible to not only shareholders, but representatives of state and local governments as well, Manfred must keep his eyes on the horizon.