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  In human evolution and development process, the cheap louboutin wedges foot to play a decisive role, determines whether people can walk upright, and with a graceful gait. While women clearly understand this, do the feet on the article, this is a man cannot compare. The mature woman, from the beginning of wear high-heeled shoes; women's fashion is from the beginning of the foot, precisely, from the beginning of wear high-heeled shoes. So, if this world is what most representative of women, should be the high-heeled shoes.
  The woman on the heels of feelings, said a common cheap red bottom shoes point is love, serious point is obsessed with. I'm afraid most girls had childhood wearing stolen mother, or her people high-heeled shoes experience. The kind of excitement, the mature suddenly feeling, that kind of the adults look, so do the enchanting manner and expression, also clearly imprinted in the depths of every woman's memory, high heels temptation since then in the girl's little heart took root. The girls become a mature woman, often is that from the start to wear high heels.
  Writer Yi Shu once said: a woman's fall from the beginning replica louboutin wedges of the high-heeled shoes. Yes, one not careful, village on the fall of Chengdu City, lady, never returned to the path in the countryside, to return to the fields of the city; and the woman, once wear high heels, will sit cars, with fashionable and high-grade clothes. Therefore, the beauty of a woman turned, women's fashion, always start with the high-heeled shoes.
  High heeled shoes is a symbol of a woman, is a woman of direct source of superiority, it will make an unremarkable woman talent showing itself. When women wear high heels, all sexy, charm, confidence, will be excited at the moment, the swaying, the free and easy, that cross their legs when Marie, that every twinkle and smile, a hand gestures, as on the heels of song.
  High heels make women dynamic, flowing, let a woman out of mediocrity, make each day lovingly pathetic, therefore, high-heeled shoes like romantic harp, playing a wonderful life music. So, some people say, as long as the replica louboutin heels increase of two or three inch height, shortening the distance with the woman of heaven.
  Who will not forget that a beautiful and classical picture: in the dazzling light, a dream scene surfacing: a heavy quaint old Ford silently sped to a halt in the brilliantly illuminated, the hall door, the door is the waiter wearing white gloves hand away, then, a beautiful leg slowly stretched out, the smooth arc heels like extending the legs, gracefully leaned to the shiny marble ground, that moment, beautiful but not the face, a pair of legs and smooth arc of the high-heeled shoes.
  It is not difficult to understand, why replica louboutin pumps women on high heels infatuation has add, even lose themselves in front of it. Because the hearts of every woman has a dream: let the eyes of the world are focused on her, and her feet those foil noble temperament high-heeled shoes.
  And the woman on the heels of love, often with the pursuit of love together. The woman in the see the beautiful shoes, always feel that their shoe ark is missing a pair of chic high-heeled shoes. The high-heeled shoes, women have very secretly love, also have not meet the pursuit, like a woman in love persistent. To listen to a woman said, a friend asked her: if one day because of a pair of high heels, and commit himself to a man? She replied: yes. A man gave her love shoes, that he wanted to let her have the best in the world beauty; cherish the beautiful high-heeled shoes, such as cherish the beautiful love, as has the incomparable happiness.
  Maybe someone said: wear high-heeled shoes can affect health; this christian louboutin red bottoms replica is tantamount to the woman in love said: alert ah, love hurts. A woman may not care about these, they enjoy all the ultimate high-heeled shoes and love to bring: they love, persistent pain, and the joy of.
  High heeled shoes, let a woman dancing in the fashion of the fingertips, youth is not or old age.