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In contrast, NFLPA jerseys cheap wholesale counsel Heather McPhee generated “more detailed and careful notes, which emphasize the exact words Rice used with quotation marks.”  She wrote that Rice specifically said, “And then I hit her,” that Janay fell, and that she seemed “knocked out.”  McPhee jerseys from china free shipping also gave “emphatic” testimony that Rice did not say that Janay had “knocked herself out.”  Goodell and Birch were far less unequivocal about their recollection of Rice’s words.

This prompted Judge china wholesale jerseys free shipping Jones to conclude that Rice had said that he hit Janay, and that he did not claim she had “knocked herself out.”  Judge Jones then demonstrated that the mechanism for the knockout was and is irrelevant.

“Whether the blow itself or hitting the railing wholesale jerseys from china free shipping knocked Mrs. Rice unconscious, the cause was the hit,” Judge Jones wrote.  “Rice reported to Commissioner Goodell that he had hit Mrs. Rice; and his lifting and dropping of her prone body were there for all to see in the outside-the-elevator video.  Commissioner Goodell himself, in response to the question, ‘Did Mr. Rice ever say that he knocked out Ms. Palmer?,’ testified, ‘No, but he took full responsibility for it, he said it is not her fault, china jerseys free shipping it is my fault.”

In other words, Rice hit Janay and as a result she became unconscious.  It doesn’t matter whether he knocked her out with the blow, whether she was knocked out when the blow sent her head into the elevator railing, or whether she became unconscious by falling after being struck and thus somehow “knocked herself out.”  buy jerseys wholesale Rice initiated the assault that left her knocked out.